PASGT Ballistic Helmet (Level IIIA)

PASGT Ballistic Helmet (Level IIIA)

Legacy Safety & Security PASGT ballistic helmet is a high performance, multi-layer, light weight combat helmet. Tested and proven to achieve a ranking of Level IIIA by the USA National Institute of Justice (NIJ STD 0106.01 ) by defeating .357 sig full metal jacket flat nose rounds (FMJ FN) and .44 Magnum semi jacketed hollow point (SJHP) rounds at velocities traveling up to 1450 ft/s.

Designed with a multi-layer constructions consisting of aramid and ballistic polyethylene to protect the user from ballistic hazards and fragmentation. The head harness was manufactured with foam cushioned leather headband and a comfortable chinstrap including base attachment for optional face guard. Helmet design is US PASGT in accordance with MIL-H 44099A standard. Making this ballistic helmet light weight and durable ideal for police, ground troops, or special units.

Product Features
NIJ 0101.06 – Level IIIA
Tested for Penetration and back face deformation
Standard PASGT design (MIL-H-44099A)
Defeated Rifles: .357 Magnum rifle, .44 Magnum rifle
Defeated Handguns: .9mm, .357mm, .40 S&W FMJ
Dimensions: Shell Thickness 7.3 +/- 0.8. Weight 2.9lbs
(NSN 8470-01-092-7526)

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